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The Time Screwdriver - Parsec Xeno Soundfont

The Time Screwdriver - Parsec Xeno Soundfont

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A revolutionary new soundfont that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away, in a little blue box! With this soundfont, you'll be able to wield the iconic weapon of a highly skilled warrior with the same finesse and versatility as the Lord of Time's trusty tool. Imagine the thrill of battle as you wield your saber, now with the added dimension of the unmistakable sound of the Lord of Time and Space's tool. Get ready to experience the ultimate crossover event.

This soundfont works great with a saber blade plug!

This Font Includes:

8 Blaster Sounds

1 Ignition Sound

5 Font Selection Sound

1 Force Sounds

Swing sounds and hum sounds

2 Tracks


DISCLAIMER: Any voice files or music tracks included in this sound package are provided FREE OF CHARGE! You are paying for the time and effort of custom building an audio package for your custom saber!

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A Parsec Soundfont...

Unleash the ultimate in comedic power with our Xeno Saber Soundfonts. Designed specifically for our Xeno Sabers, these soundfonts allow you to replicate the sounds of some of the funniest and most recognizable sound effects. From the classic fart noise to the voice of your favorite animated character, these soundfonts will take your saber battles to a whole new level of hilarity. Available exclusively on Parsec Sabers and for Xeno Sabers, these soundfonts are the perfect addition for cosplayers, collectors, and anyone looking to add a touch of humor to their saber battles.