XenoV3 Firmware


All Updates are now performed through the Xeno Configurator App!

But you can download the base files below. (Includes update.bin for July 23)

Death Star Plans

Unlocked For All

Base Xeno3 Config Files

These are the basic files if you need to install a card. this is not updated to the most recent version and will need updating in the xeno configurator app to update past july 23.


Locked (Message Us To UnLock)

Full Xeno3 Config Files (With Soundfonts)

Includes all 34 soundfonts (Or 16 depending on your order)

+ The settings and config files (from March 23, use the config from above or update via the app)

Perfect is you need a fresh start or are reinstalling your card.

please contact us with your order number to unlock these files