Are you an Influencer on Youtube, TikTok or Instagram?

Do you enjoy our products and would like to promote them on your pages?

Read the information below and once you have applied, we will be in touch after reviewing your account if we would like to collaborate


Before applying please ensure that you and your social media pages follow these specifications.​

  • 5000 + Followers

  • Aged 18+
  • Star Wars Related Content
  • Must Have Public Videos
  • Videos include YOU as a personality (using your voice and showing yourself is a must to be able to demonstrate our products)

The Difference Between Exclusive & Non-Exclusive Affilliates

We use 2 different tiers of affilliates at Parsec Sabers.

  • Non-Exclusive Affilliate

Affilliates have a one time agreement with Parsec Sabers and are free to advertise other companies along side Parsec Sabers if they wish.

The Affilliate is provided with a discount code or link for their viewers.

Based on the performace of uploaded content and uses of afflliate links/codes, Parsec Sabers may work with the creator again and sign on the next tier.

  • Exclusive Affilliate

Affilliates have a long standing relationship with Parsec Sabers and agree to only advertise and endorse Parsec Sabers on their platforms. This only applies to Saber Stores, Affilliates are able to advertise other types of company and product. In turn Affilliates recieve exclusive perks.

The Affilliate is provided with a discount code or link for their viewers

(more information about tiers,non exclusive and exclusive partnerships are available when chosen to be an affiliate)

Examples Of Parsec Sabers Collaborations

Here are a few examples of our previous and ongoing collaborations.

Click Here


We know that you will be eager to hear back from us but please be patient, we will get back to you if we think that we could work together.

Please do not contact us regarding your application, we will review it and reply when we can. Thank you :)