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Parsec Sabers

The Parsec Baselit Mystery Box

The Parsec Baselit Mystery Box

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Experience the thrill of saber duels with our Mystery Box! Get your hands on 4 randomly selected Apprentice Baselit Sabers each with a unique design. The term apprentice saber relates to our low priced range of saber, many of which can be found in our apprentice collection, but there will also be a selection of sabers we have previously sold, or are yet to sell. This bundle comes complete with blades for each saber (4x 92cm Baselit blades) AND 2 extra 72cm blades, 2 random saber belt clips, and 4 random belt clip adapters.  The combined value of these items is over $540, making this Mystery Box the ultimate saber bundle! But the excitement doesn't end there - the contents of the box remain a mystery, and we won't reveal what you'll receive. So, get ready to ignite your saber and embark on a new adventure!

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