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Parsec Sabers

The Interrogation Xeno RGB & Xeno Pixel Parsec Saber (Xeno3)

The Interrogation Xeno RGB & Xeno Pixel Parsec Saber (Xeno3)

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Remember to purchase a baselit booster sd card if choosing the baselit option to receive the full 34 sound fonts and customisability

Blade Length

Behold The Interrogation Saber, a weapon of legendary power and prestige. It is the ultimate choice for the daring hero or the cunning villain, forged to withstand the rigors of battle and emerge victorious. This saber boasts an awe-inspiring design, featuring a black tube hilt with five silver rings depressed into it, giving it a futuristic and high-tech look. Above the activation button, there is a silver section with cut-out pill shapes all the way around, adding to its unique design. The emitter is a black platform that is the same diameter as the hilt but has a smaller circular emitter on top, surrounded by four claws, evoking the image of a mind probe. The pommel of this saber is ball-shaped, connected to the main part of the hilt with a silver ring, giving it a sleek and professional appearance. This is the Interrogator Saber, inspired by the interrogator droid, a mind probe droid. It is the ultimate weapon for those who seek to dominate the battlefield and extract the truth from their enemies. Order now and join the ranks of the legendary wielders of The Interrogation Saber


Size Of Hilt: 28cm
Size Of Blade:  2mm thickness | OD 1 inch |
Spinability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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Rise, my apprentice, and claim your place among the greats with our Apprentice Sabers. These elegant weapons may be simpler in design, but they are no less powerful than their more expensive counterparts. With all the same features of our Character Sabers, these affordable hilts will guide you on your journey to becoming a true hero, or villain , in the galaxy...

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Baselit Xeno-RGB:

Baselit Xeno-RGB – This electronic board utilises an in-hilt led which illuminates a hollow blade. Baselit Xeno-RGB sabers also have a standard set of features. Including Advanced Smooth Swing sounds with around 16 different sound fonts (which can be increased using the Baselit Booster Sd Card), blade modes (unstable mode, stable mode, pulse mode), saber lockup, flash on clash, blaster deflection and infinite colours to choose from. Additionally, it also has motion control which means you can turn it on and off and change soundfont without pressing a button. The saber can also be controlled by using the Parsec Sabers App (coming soon)

 It's perfect for those who are new to the hobby, those on a budget, or those looking for a duelling saber (It is important to note that not all hilts are suitable for heavy duelling, please ensure that you check the product descriptions of you saber to make sure of this).


Xeno-Pixel – Xeno-Pixel is the next-generation electronic board that is designed to offer the most realistic experience possible.

It is the successor to the XenoPixel V2.

It features the latest Parsec Pixel blade, which uses a bright 50W RGB colour-changing pixel setup to create stunning visuals that are sure to impress.

The Xeno-Pixel sabers are also bluetooth enabled. With the mobile app capability, you can easily customize your saber's settings and effects and also update the firmware when available from your smartphone.

Xeno-Pixel also features an audio cue for switching modes and settings.

Xeno-Pixel sabers have high quality sound effects including advanced smooth swing, accent swings, spin sounds, and more to provide a realistic feel to your movements, making it feel like you are wielding a real saber.

Xeno-Pixel comes with a programmable SD card, allowing you to customize and store your soundfonts and effects.

It also includes preprogrammed customizable blade effects, such as tip drag, blade lockup, rainbow mode, unstable mode, stable mode, pulse mode, cracked mode, fire mode, blaster mode, and more. With 34 preinstalled soundfonts, you can choose from a wide range of different styles and themes to suit your preferences.

Xeno-Pixel & XenoV3 builds on the features of Xenopixel V2, including the motion control, infinite colors, different ignitions, and blade effects.

Overall, XenoV3 is an impressive electronic board that offers a wide range of customizable features

What Is The Difference Between Xeno RGB And Xeno Pixel?

What is the Difference? – First, it's important to note that there is no difference in hilt quality or design between a Baselit Xeno-RGB or a Xeno-Pixel saber.

The main differences between a Baselit Xeno-RGB or a Xeno-Pixel is the amount of features that each saber has.

Baselit Xeno-RGB sabers are perfect for duelling, whereas Xeno-Pixel sabers are great props for media where different lighting effects are required.

The Xeno-Pixel have more features due to the more advanced electronics that can utilise our pixel blades. 

Although the pixel blades can allow for more features it also means that Xeno-Pixel Sabers cannot be used as heavy in a duelling scenario as heavy duelling may damage the internal LEDS. (We usually recommend light to medium strength, just enough so that it looks good on camera).

All of our sabers have the same hilt between the 2 options, the only difference is the internal electronics and the type of blade that is used.

For more information please contact us via the chat feature on our website