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Parsec Sabers

Parsec Robes & Tunic - Parsec Sabers

Parsec Robes & Tunic - Parsec Sabers

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Do you want to take your saber wielding experience to the next level? Introducing the Parsec Robes & Tunic, available in both light and dark variants. The brown variant is ideal for those embracing the heroics of a master saber wielder, while the black variant channels the sinister nature of a villain. Each set includes a robe, tunic, tunic tabards, imitation leather-style belt, and under belt. Here's a unique tip: Ensure a snug fit for unrestricted saber maneuvers by checking the sizing guide. Elevate your presence with Parsec Robes & Tunic. Visit us at


*Saber Not Included - Saber for Example Of Use Only

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A Parsec Soundfont...

Unleash the ultimate in comedic power with our Xeno Saber Soundfonts. Designed specifically for our Xeno Sabers, these soundfonts allow you to replicate the sounds of some of the funniest and most recognizable sound effects. From the classic fart noise to the voice of your favorite animated character, these soundfonts will take your saber battles to a whole new level of hilarity. Available exclusively on Parsec Sabers and for Xeno Sabers, these soundfonts are the perfect addition for cosplayers, collectors, and anyone looking to add a touch of humor to their saber battles.