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Parsec Sabers

The Single Apprentice Mystery Box

The Single Apprentice Mystery Box

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The Mystery Box Includes a mystery apprentice saber and a mystery blade and the possibility of mystery accessories.

Xeno-pixel Option - chance to get Xenopixel apprentice saber ranging from $154-$185

Baselit Xeno-RGB Option - chance to get Base Lit apprentice saber ranging from $89-$120


THIS IS A MYSTERY BOX, Please do not ask to know what specific items you will receive as we will not tell you


The purchase of a mystery box is intended to be for novelty and gifting purposes. Parsec Sabers makes no guarantee or warranty that any of the items in the box meet the expectations of the buyer. Parsec Sabers only guarantees that the buyer will receive a value the same or greater than the listed value of the box purchased. The Parsec Sabers offers no additional guarantee and warranty in respect of the items delivered in each Mystery Box.


sabers avaliable in this box are:

The Artoo

The Amid

The Cody

The Bee Bee

The Rex

The Lola

The Shadow


as well as the possibility of accessories

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