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The NEW Xeno3!

Introducing the New Xeno v3: Available in Baselit Xeno-RGB and Xeno-Pixel

The Xeno v3 Core is the latest and greatest addition to our range of high-quality baselit and pixel saber products. Available in both Xeno-RGB and Xeno-Pixel versions, this versatile and powerful core is perfect for a wide range of applications, from short films to just having fun with friends and beyond.

One of the many great features released with this new update is that baselit xeno-rgb sabers allows for you to add your own soundfonts through the use of the parsec baselit booster card, this card also comes with 30+ preinstalled soundfonts worth over $250, which is a huge upgrade to the 16 soundfonts installed as standard.


Want to upgrade your previous Xenopixel V2 or RGB-X saber? Thats easy! if you have a saber designed for those cores you can purchase our upgrade and install into your existing hilt!

Heres a list of features on the xeno 3 cores

features of xeno3 baselit rgb and xeno3 pixel



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XenoV3 is the next-generation electronic board that is designed to offer the most realistic experience possible.

It is the successor to the XenoPixel V2.

Xeno 3 offers the New Xeno-Pixel which features the latest Parsec Pixel blade, which uses a bright 50W RGB colour-changing pixel setup to create stunning visuals that are sure to impress.

The Xeno-Pixel sabers are also bluetooth enabled. With the mobile app capability, you can easily customize your lightsaber's settings and effects and also update the firmware when available from your smartphone.

Xeno-Pixel also features an audio cue for switching modes and settings.

Xeno-Pixel sabers have high quality sound effects including advanced smooth swing, accent swings, spin sounds, and more to provide a realistic feel to your movements, making it feel like you are wielding a real lightsaber.

Xeno-Pixel comes with a programmable SD card, allowing you to customize and store your soundfonts and effects.

It also includes preprogrammed customizable blade effects, such as tip drag, blade lockup, rainbow mode, unstable mode, stable mode, pulse mode, cracked mode, fire mode, blaster mode, and more. With 34 preinstalled soundfonts, you can choose from a wide range of different styles and themes to suit your preferences.

Xeno-Pixel & XenoV3 builds on the features of Xenopixel V2, including the motion control, infinite colors, different ignitions, and blade effects.

Overall, XenoV3 is an impressive electronic board that offers a wide range of customizable features

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