Getting Started - Unboxing & Setting Up Your Saber

Unboxing & Setting Up Your Parsec Saber: A Step-by-Step Guide


 Before Jumping Into This Guide We Also Have An Expanding Video Guide Available Here:

Congratulations on your new lightsaber purchase from Parsec Sabers! Now that your saber has arrived, it's time to unbox and set it up. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process step-by-step, so you can start enjoying your new saber as soon as possible.

Before we begin, we wanted to mention that sometimes, when stock is available, we will provide extra, or bonus, products with your order. These extras include, but are not limited to, the following:

 Please note that these items, unless purchased individually from us, are non-essential, bonus products. Any extra or bonus product that is broken or defective is not covered under this warranty in any way, and will not be replaced.


Step 1: Unboxing

  • Carefully open the box and remove the packaging.
  • If your lightsaber comes in a hard case, use the code 0-0-0 on each side and push the button from the center to the left or right to open it.
  • Inspect the lightsaber for any damage or defects. If you notice any issues, please contact our customer support team immediately.
  • Carefully remove the lightsaber from its packaging. It will be wrapped in a protective plastic film, which should be removed.
  • Locate the blade, which will also be in the box and wrapped in a film, as well as an end cap. We recommend keeping the end cap in case the blade needs to be stored outside of the saber, as the cap will protect the connector.
  • Also, in the box, you will find a charging cable and a bag with grub screws and an Allen key.


Step 2: Charging

Your lightsaber will come with a USB charging cable. Connect the cable to the lightsaber and plug it into a power source.

Some hilts will have an exposed charging port whilst others will be internal and under a section of the hilt. The first place to check for a charging port is underneath the pommel. This is the lowest point on the saber. If there is not a charging port there, the next step is to check under the body of the saber. The saber commonly unscrews in the centre of the hilt. If you cannot find the charging port on your saber please be sure to reach out via our customer service chat.

We recommend only charging the lightsaber with the supplied USB charger and with a 5v 1a USB or 5v wall charger. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in fire hazard or damaged electronics and will void the warranty.

When placed on charge the saber should say "charging" and on sabers with an LED ring, the ring will glow and pulse.

Charging can take between 4 and 6 hours for a full charge. Once fully charged, the saber will say "ready”, and the charging indicator will turn off.


Step 3: Assembling

  • Before assembling the blade, make sure that the screws on the hilt are out, so they do not damage the blade as it is inserted.
  • Carefully insert the blade into the hilt, pushing it firmly into place.
  • Use the supplied Allen key to insert the grub screws. The screws are to simply hold the blade in place and should be tightened equally.
  • The screws should not penetrate the blade but over time it is usual for some wear and tear on the blade where the screws are placed.


Step 4: Activating

  • Once the lightsaber is fully charged, press and hold the activation button to turn it on.
  • You will hear the lightsaber power up sound effect and if your saber has an LED ring, the ring will illuminate.
  • The lightsaber is now ready to use!



Step 5: soundfont configuration

Your lightsaber will come with a set of default sound and lighting settings. The default configuration will be automatically set for each soundfont.

When a soundfont is selected you can change certain aspects of the profile. These aspects will stay until changed back.

You can customize these settings by:

  • using the buttons on the hilt,
  • connecting to the ‘xeno configurator’ app,
  • or you also have the option of inserting the sd card into a windows pc and changing the config file.



To charge your saber:

  • Use only the charging cable or battery charger that is provided.
  • Connect the charging cable to an AC adapter rated at 5V and no more than 1 Amps of output.
  • Listen for the "charging" sound to indicate that the charging process has begun.
  • If there is an LED switch, it will pulse while charging.
  • Once charging is complete, the saber will sound out "ready".
  • If the saber has a removable battery and a separate charger, the LED on the charger will be red during charging and green when complete. Blue indicates that the battery is not making good contact with the pins in the charger or the battery has failed.
  • Note: Do not use smart chargers as they can switch voltages and damage the saber's electronics. Also, never use the saber while it is plugged into the charger.


The controls:

To wake the saber from sleep mode:

  • Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.
  • Listen for a sound and the light ring around the power button will illuminate.
  • The saber is now "awake".

Awake mode operation:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the blade and activate sounds and effects (if there is no sound, the saber is likely in "mute mode").
  2. Hold the button for 1 second (the light around the button will flash once) to cycle through volume effects. You will hear a vocal confirmation each time you do this (e.g. "volume high, volume low, mute").
  3. Hold the button for 2 seconds (the light around the button will flash twice) to cycle through different blade effects. You will hear a vocal confirmation each time you do this (e.g. "pulse, rainbow blade, unstable, fire blade, steady").
  4. Hold the button for 3 seconds (the light around the button will flash three times) to cycle through different blade MODES. You will hear a vocal confirmation each time you do this (e.g. "standard blade, blaster blade, ghost blade, and various chime sounds indicate a new mode").
  5. Holding the button for 4 seconds will cycle through different soundfonts. There are over 30 soundfonts, and you will hear a vocal confirmation each time you do this (unless the saber is muted).
  6. Holding the button for 10 seconds will put the saber into sleep mode. If the saber sits idle for 10 minutes, it will automatically enter sleep mode.


Gesture controls:

  1. Hold the blade upwards and twist clockwise then anti-clockwise to activate the blade
  2. Hold the blade downwards and twist anti-clockwise, then clockwise (looking downwards) to cycle fonts
  3. Hold the blade level and thrust forward to ignite the saber
  4. Hold the blade level, pull towards yourself, and then forward to turn off the blade
  5. Hold the blade upwards, imagining pointing to 10 on a clock, twist anti-clockwise then clockwise to activate the music track if the soundfont has one installed.
  6. Hold the blade downwards whilst the blade is ignited and twist anti-clockwise, then clockwise whilst holding the button to activate twist colour change
  7. Hold the blade downwards whilst the blade is ignited and twist clockwise, then anti-clockwise whilst holding the button to activate block colour change


  • Note: Gestures can be enabled and disabled via the config.ini file in the "settings" folder on the SD card

When the blade is lit, the power button operates in the following way:

  1. Tap - blaster deflection
  2. Hold the button for approximately 0.5 seconds, the button LED flashes once, then release = Saber blade "tip drag effect" (only visible by default on 92cm blades, blade length will need changing in .config or on the app for shorter blades)
  3. Hold the button for approximately 1 second, the button LED flashes twice, then release to cycle through different blade colours. Once a desired colour is reached, tap the button again to set the color.
  4. Holding the button for approximately 1.5 seconds powers off the blade.
  5. Hold the button and clash the saber to make it "lockup" the blade.
  6. Hold the button and thrust the saber forward to melt
  7. Hold the button and thrust the saber backwards to activate lightning block



Step 6: Config and Back-up

We always recommend inserting the sd card into a pc as soon as possible and copying all of the files to a safe place in case they are ever needed as a backup. This is useful if the sd card corrupts or is damaged.


Whilst the sd card is in the pc, now is a good time to alter a few settings if needed. In the settings folder you will find the config.ini file.

In this file you can change the maximum volume if you find that the volume is too high. We recommend setting the max to around 50, as this will set low volume to 25.

Also in the file you can activate a few new blade modes and effects such as ghost mode, and blaster mode for both pixel and rgb sabers. As well as velocity mode, torch mode and more for pixel sabers.

Finally, there is also an option to activate control sound. When this is activated, it will make a beeping sound for every flash. This is great for leaning the timings of the button presses and is especially useful for hilts that do not have a visible button with a led ring.


Please note that some people are sensitive to bright and flashing lights. Always be aware of who is around you when you are using your saber, and whether they are photosensitive.

If you have any issues with your saber, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are always happy to help.



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