RGB-X (old) Xeno3 RGB   XenoPixel V2 (old) Xeno3 Pixel
Smooth Swing Basic Advanced   Advanced Advanced
Illumination Method     Base Lit Base Lit
  Pixel LEDS in blade Pixel LEDS in blade
Sound Fonts  9 16   30 34
Full RGB Colour Range  
Ability To Add Soundfonts    
Motion Control    
Flash On Clash  
FOC Toggle    
Melt Effect      
Stab Effect      
Volume Indicator High,Low,Mute 0% - 100% Indication   High,Low,Mute 0% - 100% Indication
Battery Indicator   0% - 100% Indication     0% - 100% Indication
Mobile App Capable       
Accent Swings        
Duelling Strength Heavy Heavy   Light To Medium Light To Medium
Blade Dimming      
Blade Effects Stable, Unstable, Pulse Stable, Unstable, Pulse   Unstable, Stable, Pulse,Rainbow, Candy,Cracked Fire, Steady,Unstable,Candy, Rainbow,Cracked, Pulse,Flash
Blade Modes Lockup, Blaster Deflect Lockup, Blaster Deflect   Blaster, Fire, Lockup, Blaster Deflect, Tip Drag, (1) Ignitions, Force Effect, Ghost Standard, Velocity, Torch, Blaster, Ghost, Block, Multi Lock, (7) Ignitions